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Norfolk Southern Road Closures

Post Date:02/06/2019 8:15 AM

A Norfolk Southern (NS) rail gang is replacing rails at several crossings in Charleston and Dorchester Counties.

The roads/crossings scheduled for maintenance are listed below. Roads will be temporarily closed, and all traffic detoured, while the work is ongoing. RoadSafe will be conducting all road closures/detours on behalf of NS. RoadSafe Technicians will be in contact with Dorchester County to advise of road closures. 

Each crossing will be closed for approximately two-to-three hours. Roads do not typically remain closed overnight unless problems arise.

Citizens are asked to keep in mind that railroad maintenance is not something that is “scheduled.” The gang must be given track time by a dispatcher to do the maintenance work. Weather delays and equipment problems are also factors with this type of work. 

About the Project

Norfolk Southern is replacing 14.4 miles of rail between Charleston and Summerville. This is a major rail replacement project that only takes place every 50 years. The purpose is to ensure safe rail operations through the communities where we operate.

The work requires lining up 40-plus pieces of equipment in an assembly line and more than 90 employees have specific jobs. To accomplish laying the new rail as efficiently and safely as possible, we work 12-hour days Monday to Thursday.

There are two phases to laying new rail:

Phase 1: Setting the table (This took place late 2018)

When it's time to replace rails, the work starts weeks in advance when a train unloads 1,440-foot ribbons of rail (over quarter-mile long pieces), tons of ballast, tie plates, kegs of rail spikes and bags of rail anchors along the track. It's called "setting the table."

At each railroad crossing, crews remove the asphalt, insert the new rail and place the temporary cold patch over the rail until the second phase.

Phase 2: Replace Rail, Resurface Road Crossing (current)

This work is handled by a work crew comprised of 90 employees and more than 40 pieces of equipment, which can stretch for more than a mile from end to end.

The temporary crossing surface is removed and the new rail is permanently placed and finished with asphalt. As part of the process, each highway crossing will be resurfaced providing motorists with a smooth ride over the tracks. The new rails can last 50-plus years.

Crossing  County  Date
Remount Road  Charleston  1/28/2019
Aviation Rd.  Charleston  1/28/2019
Jet Park Dr.   Charleston  1/28/2019 and 1/29/2019
Midland Park Rd.  Charleston  1/29/2019
Ashley Phosphate Rd.  Charleston  1/29/2019 and 1/30/2019
Black Bottom Rd.  Charleston  2/4/2019
Ladson Rd.  Charleston  2/4/2019
Von Oshen Rd.  Charleston  2/5/2019
Dunmeyer Hill Rd.  Charleston  2/5/2019
E. Pickney St.  Charleston  2/5/2019
Owens Dr.  Dorchester  2/5/2019
Main St. / US 17-A  Dorchester  2/6/2019
N. Cedar St.  Dorchester  2/6/2019 and 2/7/2019
Hickory St.  Dorchester  2/6/2019 and 2/7/2019
Maple St.  Dorchester  2/7/2019
Richardson Ave.  Dorchester  2/7/2019
Industrial Dr.  Dorchester  2/7/2019