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Dorchester County Provides Tips to Reduce Mosquito Exposure

Prior to Sustained Warm Weather and “Mosquito Season”

Post Date:04/08/2019 10:55 AM

Spring is here, and temperatures are on the rise.  With this comes the inevitable hatching of mosquito larvae.  These mosquitos, once hatched, have the potential to carry and transmit diseases such as heartworm, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus. 

These young mosquitos are unable to live without the presence of water.  As such, Dorchester County Mosquito Control is seeking to educate citizens on ways to help reduce the overall mosquito population around homes and businesses.


  • Keep lawn clean and mowed
  • Fix leaking faucets
  • Keep gutters clean
  • Empty containers that regularly hold water such as buckets, toys, potted plant saucers, etc.
  • Fill tree holes
  • Properly dispose of old tires
  • Maintain swimming pools properly
  • Flushing water in bird baths regularly


  • Apply insect repellent per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Avoid perfumes and other scented products
  • If possible, wear long sleeve shirts and long sleeve pants while outside
  • If possible, wear light-colored clothing as mosquitoes are attracted to darker shades
  • When possible, stay indoors at dusk and dawn

Citizens can also request ground spraying (via a truck) by completing the online service request form on this site or calling the Mosquito Control Office at (843) 832-0080.

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