Hurricane Dorian Press Releases

Curbside Debris Removal

Post Date:09/12/2019 10:30 AM

Dorchester County and SCDOT will begin vegetative debris removal operations on Monday, September 16. Dorchester County has contracted with Crowder Gulf to remove debris from all County maintained roads throughout the County and local roads maintained by SCDOT in unincorporated Dorchester County east of Ridgeville. SCDOT roads located outside of this boundary will be collected by SCDOT crews.

Crowder Gulf will have 5 teams working to remove vegetative debris beginning Monday, September 16.

Debris Removal Schedule

Residents should have all debris curbside, in one pile by 8:00 AM on Monday. September 16.

Debris on all county and state residential roads, east of Ridgeville, will be collected the week on September 16. One pass will be made on each road. If the debris is not curbside when the contractor comes through it will not be picked up.

When all residential roads have been completed crews will begin debris collection on secondary roads working through the County from east to west.

Debris will not be collected on private roads.

Debris Removal Requirements

  • Debris should be placed curbside, not in the roadway.
  • Debris should not block driveways, mailboxes, fire hydrants or water meters.
  • Debris in plastic bags/containers/roll carts will not be collected.
  • There are no length/size requirements for debris to be removed.
  • Piles should be consolidated. There should only be one pile per residence. If a residence has multiple piles only the largest pile will be collected. If residents can consolidate piles with their neighbors, it would be most helpful.
  • Leaves must be in paper bags to be picked up. Loose leaves will not be picked up.

Should residents have questions about curbside debris removal they are asked to contact the Dorchester County Public Works Department at (843) 563/832-0070.

What Not To Do 

Debris stacked under a tree

Do not stack debris under/near a tree.

This makes it difficult for the grapple to pick up.

If the grapple cannot reach the debris it will not be picked up.

Debris in Plastic Containers

Do not put debris in plastic bags, containers, roll carts.

Debris is plastic bags, containers or roll carts will not be picked up.

Debris in paper bags will be picked up. 

not vegatative debris

Do not intermingle other items with vegetative debris. If other items are intermingled with vegetative debris, none of it will be picked up.

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