Administrative Services

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County Administrator

The County Administrator oversees the operations of County government, reviews budget requests and making recommendations to the Council. The County Administrator also implements policies, ordinances and motions made by County Council.

County Attorney

The County Attorney's Office provides professional legal representation to County Council and the County as an entity in litigation either brought against the County or initiated by the County. 

Election Commission

The Election Commission facilitate voter registration, conduct fair and impartial elections and provide quality customer service for every citizen.

Information Technology

Under the leadership of Mr. Jason Walters, Chief Information Officer, The Information Technology Department provide internal, responsive, quality, and cost effective solutions and services to Dorchester County Government.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department recruits, trains and supports the staff necessary for the basic operation of County government.

Public Information

The Public Information Office is responsible for communicating to citizens, County Council, the media, strategic partners and other important audiences.