The County Attorney's Office provides professional legal representation to County Council, the County as an entity, elected and appointed County officials and the County Departments in litigation either brought against the County or initiated by the County.  

Additional Roles

  • Assists with prosecution of code violations
  • Provides representation of the County before administrative and regulatory agencies
  • Provides legal advice and review for economic development and public finance matters

Administrative Roles

The County Attorney's Office drafts, reviews and approves legal documents for use by the County including:

  • contracts
  • deeds
  • leases
  • easements
  • pleadings
  • resolutions
  • ordinances
  • policies and procedures


No private representation is provided by this office.


Persons needing private representation may wish to contact the  at 800-868-2284 or the Neighborhood Legal Assistance Program at 888-346-5562.

Criminal prosecution cases are handled by the Solicitor's Office, (843) 832-0150.

To contact the Public Defender, call (843) 832-0154.