Become a Poll Worker

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Students who are at least 16 years old can be poll workers.

Anyone over the age 18 must be a registered voter in Dorchester, Charleston, Berkeley, Colleton or Orangeburg County.

All poll workers must complete the required training course (see information provided below).


Poll workers are paid $135, per day. Work hours are from 6:00 AM until approximately 7:30 PM on election day(s).



May 14: 10 AM

May 15: 10 AM and 5 PM

May 17: 5 PM

St George:

May 16: 2:30 PM and 5 PM

Training Locations

Summerville training is held in our Elections Warehouse at 235 Deming Way, Summerville SC. The St. George training is in the County Council Chambers at 201 Johnston Street, St. George SC. Online training is available after you have worked two elections.

First-time workers MUST bring their Driver's License AND social security card to complete the application. A passport will also be accepted.

Upcoming Classes


To register for one of the above classes email Corbin Ensminger with the Dorchester County Election Commission.