The Human Resources Department recruits, trains and supports the staff necessary for the basic operation of County government. The Department also supports the management staff of Dorchester County toward its goal of effectively utilizing our most valuable resource, our employees. This effort includes organizing employment activities, developing policies and procedures, administering the County's benefits and compensation programs, providing training, coordinating award and recognition programs, as well as facilitating employee relations and interventions.

This Department also provides employees with services ranging from performance counseling and wellness programs to benefits education and problem solving. These and other project objectives are accomplished in a state- of-the-art management environment based on team building, group decision making and flexible job designs. These techniques are used to model new approaches to productivity and organization effectiveness.

The Human Resources Department Does:

  • Recruit prospective employees by attending job fairs, advertising, collecting applications, etc.
  • Orient new employees
  • Process job applications and personnel actions
  • Develop and deliver countywide training programs
  • Administer benefits and compensation programs
  • Maintain the Human Resources Information System (HTE)
  • Coordinate the performance appraisal process
  • Interpret personnel policies and procedures
  • Handle employee complaints and grievances
  • Monitor compliance with legal requirements
  • Administer award and recognition programs
  • Coordinate Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Human Resources Department Does Not:

  • Handle workers' compensation claims
  • Issue payroll checks
  • Have direct oversight of safety functions
  • Interview and/or hire applicants for other departments