Business License renewals are sent out on or before August 1st to all businesses holding a valid license in the current year.

Please submit your completed and signed renewal form with one of the following required federal tax records (for the prior calendar or fiscal year, reflecting gross receipts):

  • Schedule C (Profit or Loss From Business)
  • Form 1120 Page 1
  • Form 1120S Page 1
  • Form 1065 Page 1
  • Schedule E (Rental Income) Page 1 

A deduction is allowed for revenue associated with a jurisdiction or county for which a business license fee was paid accompanied by supporting documentation.

Manufacturers, whose business resides in Dorchester County, should also supply a copy of their State Income Tax return Schedule H-1 Computation of Sales Ratio.

Business License Renewals are good for one year, September 1st – August 31st.

Please contact the Business License office via email if another renewal form is required.

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