The Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 26, 2017, will be held in the St. George County Council Chambers.

The Financial Services Division of the Business Services Department is responsible for the Financial Management of Dorchester County. This includes working with the annual audit, establishing and maintaining controls over all financial activities, providing information to departments and the public, processing accounts payable on a weekly basis, payroll on a biweekly basis and various other duties as necessary.

Brief Overview of Service Areas

The Financial Services Division works year-round to accurately maintain the general ledger accounting records for Dorchester County as a whole by monitoring financial transactions. This includes entering daily activity, adjustments and budget transfers as well as interfacing with payroll and cash receipts.

The Financial Services Division is the source for all financial information for Dorchester County. This includes producing monthly financial reports for the Administrator and County Council and providing information daily as needed to all County Departments, the Administrator, County Council and the citizens of Dorchester County.

Annual Audit

The Financial Services Division serves as the liaison between Dorchester County and its independent auditors during the performance of our annual audit. This includes information gathering, preparing numerous worksheets and schedules, year-end journal entries, and sending the completed document to various agencies.

Accounts Payable

The Financial Services Division processes all of Dorchester County's accounts payables, non-purchase orders such as utility bills, telephone bills, travel, conferences, memberships, employee reimbursements, attorneys, payroll benefits, etc. These are received on a daily basis and checks are disbursed weekly.

Grants and Special Projects

The Grants and Special Projects Coordinator is responsible for working with all departments to monitor any/all grants for Dorchester County and aid in obtaining new grants.

Payroll Administration

The Payroll Manager is tasked with executing payroll for all County employees. This is accomplished by monitoring all monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to assure that the reports are accurate and completed in a timely manner.