The governing body of Dorchester County was established in 1970, and was known as the Dorchester County Board of Directors with terms to commence in January 1971. Upon commencement, the body was re-titled as the “Dorchester County Council” and its meeting dates were determined by state law to be held the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month.

Form of Government

In 1975, the State of South Carolina passed legislation known as the Home Rule Act which required each county in the state of South Carolina to select one of four forms of government by which to be governed. Dorchester County elected to operate within the “Council/Administrator” form of government, consisting of seven council districts. Each member of Council is elected by single-member districts and serves four-year terms. With this form of government, Council is the local legislative body governing the county and appoints an Administrator to execute the policies, directives and legislative actions of the Council, to direct and coordinate operational agencies and administrative activities of county government, and serves at the pleasure of Council.

Council’s Responsibilities

County Council’s roles include, but are not limited to approving the annual County Budget and Capital Improvement Projects, and creating meaningful legislation by way of ordinances, resolutions and proclamations.