Circuit Court Jury Duty

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Jodi Burbage, Jury Coordinator

Phone: 843-563-5784 or 843-851-578


Juror Summons

The Jury Summons is mailed to you four weeks before your service date. Please complete the entire juror information section and return the completed form along with any required affidavits or written statements in the envelope provided. Please provide accurate and legible contact information that will allow us to notify you in case of changes. Once you send in your information, you will not receive any further notice to appear as a juror.

Jury Selection

Names of registered voters, persons holding valid driver’s licenses, and persons with state identification cards are randomly selected by a computer selection program. Persons chosen for jury service in the last three calendar years, including this calendar year are exempt and may choose not to serve. If you have already served within this calendar year, you are disqualified. However, this does not prevent you from being picked to serve on a Magistrate, Municipal or Federal Court jury. The exemption period for Grand Jurors is five years following the year served.

Jury Service

Unless you are disqualified, exempt, or have been excused by the Clerk of Court you are required to appear in court at the day and time specified on the jury summons. Failure to appear may result in a citation for contempt of court. Persons seeking to be excused should contact the jury coordinator. If you do not contact the jury coordinator, or you have not been excused by the Clerk of Court, you are required to report as requested.

If you do not have transportation, you may contact the Dorchester County Transport division at (843)873-5111 and request transportation for jury service. The address to the courthouse is 5200 East Jim Bilton Blvd., St. George, SC 29477. Please report as instructed on the Summons.


Juror compensation is set by Dorchester County Council. You will be compensated for your service as a juror at a rate of $25 per day. You will be paid for each day you are required to report for service. A check will be issued and mailed within a couple of weeks after your service.