3rd Party Payments Are Not Accepted

Please be advised, If you are not a party to the support/alimony action, please refrain from making payments.

Persons making payments on behalf of another customer will not be accepted.

Online Payment Portal


The only information needed for a Payor to make an online or over-the-counter payment is their Family Court Docket Number and the full name of the person to whom they are paying.

SC.Gov will charge a $1.00 service fee plus an additional fee of 1.7% of the payment amount for all payments. 

Note: The cardholder's account will be charged by SC.Gov, not Dorchester County.

Payment Disbursement

Paper checks will not be issued. Customers receiving Support Payments are required to enroll in the mandatory Electronic Payment distribution. The Clerk of Court provides two options for receiving child support/alimony

Option One

Provide the Clerk of Court’s office with a voided check and complete and sign the Direct Deposit/VISA Debit Card Authorization form. This form gives the Clerk of Court’s office authority to deposit your funds into your checking account. Please note, if incorrect information is received it will result in a delay in receiving your Support Payments until the information can be corrected.

Option Two

Complete and sign the Direct Deposit/VISA Debit Card Authorization form. This form will authorize the Clerk of Court’s office to transmit funds to a VISA branded reloadable debit card called Ready Access Card, supported by BB & T. If you select this option, your Ready Access Card will be mailed directly to you by BB & T. If you have any questions or additional information is needed in regards to the debit card, please call (866) 845-6290.

All forms must be received by the Family Court office as soon as possible to prevent delay in receiving Support Payments.