Estate Division - Small Estates

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If the decedent owned personal property, in their name alone, (this would exclude real estate, joint banking accounts, and life insurance or annuities payable to a specific beneficiary) of a total value of less than $25,000.00, then you may be able to proceed informally with a small estate. However, you must wait thirty (30) days from the date of death.

Required Documents for a Small Estate:

  • Affidavit For Collection of Personal Property (Form #420ES);
  • Original Will (if applicable);
  • Original Death Certificate;
  • Copy of Obituary or Funeral Home Program;
  • Itemized Funeral Bill or Statement and proof of payment, showing who paid the bill;
  • If the person who paid the funeral bill does not wished to be reimbursed, he or she must complete, sign, and have notarized the affidavit as to reimbursement of the funeral bill (Form N);
  • Vehicle title, mobile home title, boat title, along with proof of the fair market value;
  • Names and addresses of spouse, children, heirs, and devisees, and the year of birth for minors;

Small Estate Fee

The fee depends on the value of the assets in the Estate. The fee schedule is: value of 0 to 100.00= $12.50, value of 100.00 to 5,000= $25.00, value of 5,000 to 19,999= $45.00, value of 20,000 to 60,000= $67.50.