The History of Dorchester County EMS

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Dorchester County Emergency Medical Services (DCEMS) was established on April 1, 1994. Before the, emergency medical care was provided by contracted private ambulance services.

As Dorchester County EMS emerged from the private sector, it began operations with four units.

  1. Medic 1 in downtown Summerville
  2. Medic 2 in the Oakbrook area
  3. Medic 3 in Ridgeville
  4. Medic 5 in Saint George

As the years passed, Medic 4 was established in Harleyville. With the rapid growth of infrastructure and population, three additional units and the Quick Response Vehicle were placed into service and began operations throughout the county.

In 1998, Douglas H. Warren was appointed as the Director of the department. Now considered one of the most renowned, forward thinking EMS services in South Carolina.  

In 2007, the service demands also prompted the creation of the Deputy Director position awarded to longstanding supervisor, Wendy Lee.

In January 2009 a new Medic 7 station was built in The Ponds neighborhood .

A new Medic 1/EMS Headquarters opened in Summerville and a new Medic 5 station both opened in 2010.