The Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 26, 2017, will be held in the St. George County Council Chambers.

The Planning and Zoning Department guides development in Dorchester County and oversees the County’s Zoning & Land Development Standards to preserve the highest quality of life for Dorchester County residents.

Staff is responsible for administering and enforcing zoning ordinances, assisting with the commercial and residential permit process, staffing the Board of Zoning Appeals Board and the Planning Commission, reviewing and approving tree removal permits, preparing and administering a Comprehensive Plan and identifying proper zoning of property.


Planning & Zoning Staff

Director:  Kiera Reinertsen

Senior Planner: Mark Davis

Planner: MJ Blatchford                                                                                

Land Surveying Technician: Tiffany Heber

Land Surveying Technician: Juanita Williams 

Admin III: Jennifer Cook