Important Dates & Updates 

An online survey is available, for those who were unable to attend the third set of meetings to provide feedback.

The fourth set of open house meetings will be held on May 2nd and 3rd.  

Dorchester County has launched a major public involvement and outreach initiative to encourage and promote engagement in the preparation of the County’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan.

Throughout the next year, there will be multiple opportunities for County residents and businesses to participate and share feedback and ideas about the future of the County. This page serves as the main avenue to communicate Comprehensive Plan updates.

What’s a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is the County's guide for decision making. It is created by studying the existing conditions of the County, debating preferred future alternatives and priorities, and identifying practical implementation strategies to help the County reach its preferred future goals.

Required Elements

The Comprehensive Plan addresses land development, capital projects, and many other governmental decisions that might impact the future health of the County through nine required elements: 

  • Population
  • Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Community Facilities
  • Natural Resources
  • Cultural Resources
  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Priority Investments