Zoning and Land Development Standards

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An ordinance of the county of Dorchester, South Carolina, regulating the location and use of buildings, structures, land; the size of buildings and other structures, the size of the yards, the density and distribution of population; creating districts for said purposes and establishing the boundaries thereof; defining certain terms used herein; providing for the method of administration and ame3ndment; providing for the Board of Zoning Appeals; and, providing for the imposition of penalties for the violation of the provisions of the ordinance to be effective in the unincorporated portions of Dorchester County.

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Table of Content

Cover Page


Articles I-IV -

  • Article I    -    Authority, Purpose and Enactment Clause

  • Article II    -   Title

  • Article III   -   Jurisdiction and Repeal

  • Article IV   -   Establishment of Districts and Maps

Article V     -  General Provisions

Article VI    -  Use Group Descriptions

Article VII   -  Suburban District Regulations

Article VIII   - Suburban Transition District Regulations

Article IX     - Rural District Regulation

Article X      - Supplemental Provisions

Article XI     - Special Areas

Article XII    - Environmental Performance Standards

Article XIII   - Site Development Standards

Article XIV   - Administration, Enforcement, Appeals, Complaints & Remedies

Article XV-XVI

  • Article XV-     Board of Zoning Appeals

  • Article XVI -   Amendments –

Article XVII – XIX

  • Article XVII-   Land Development Approvals Required

  • Article XVIII-  Land Development Application , Review and Approval Process

  • Article XIXL-  Development Documentation Requirements

Article XX-XXI

  • Article XX -     Design Standards

  • Article XXI -    Required Improvements and Construction Standards

Article XXII- XXIV

  • Article-XXII -   Modifications

  • Article-XXIII -  Financial Improvement Guarantees

  • Article-XXIV -  Maintenance Requirements

Article XXV    - Definitions of Terms

Article XXVI   - Vested Property Rights