4% Legal Residence Application

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Assessor's Office (843) 832-0162, Option #5

This is the application to apply for Legal Residence on your home.

Required documents for this application are printed on the application.  Please read and complete all items pertaining to your situation and sign before submitting to our office.

The address you are applying for must match the address on your driver’s license and car registration(s). Other forms of identification may be approved by the Assessor in special circumstances. 

Please wait until your deed has been recorded with the County Register of Deeds Office before you apply for the exemption or your application may be denied and/or returned.   

4% Legal Residence - Apply Online Note: Please use Chrome, Firefox or Edge to open and complete the online form. 

Legal Residence Appl, (PDF AutoFill) - 8x14, 6-2-2020  Note: This form is 8.5 x 14 in size. Please adjust your paper and printer if needed. If you have problems opening this document, you may need a newer version of Adobe. The best address to return the form to is our St George location. Please do not fax this application to our office. 

Active Duty Military

Active Duty Military members who are not living in their home must apply each year (by the tax penalty date) for the current tax year in which you are applying. 

SC Code of Law 12-43-220(c)(2)(v)  Please read this law before applying for the exemption for a complete and full understanding of the law.