Forfeited Land Commission

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In accordance with state legislation, the Forfeited Land Commission (FLC) hosts an annual bid sale to dispose of mobile homes and land, acquired by the County, which did not attract full price bidders during the annual Delinquent Tax Sale.

All FLC property is sold as is, with no warranty expressed or implied. 

Mobile Homes do not include the land the mobile home is sitting on, but does include contents and attachments.

Photographs, descriptions and location information is available in bid books at the Auditor's Office locations in St. George (201 Johnston Street) and Summerville (500 N. Main Street).


The FLC will accept sealed bids for a number of mobile homes and land parcels beginning at 8:30 AM on Monday, April 29, 2019 until 5:00 PM on Friday, May 24, 2019. 

All sealed bids must be submitted in person to the Auditor's Office St. George location.

Property is subject to any defect in title history. 

The buyer is responsible for any and all costs related to:

  • moving the home
  • registration
  • repairs
  • other costs incurred as a result of the purchase & subsequent ownership of the home
  • Land parcel costs included deed preparation and to record the deed. 

Note: some homes may be occupied and Dorchester County is not be responsible for evicting the occupants.

For more information, residents should contact Angie Kizer with the Dorchester County Auditor’s Office at (843) 563-0118 or (843) 832-0118.

Bid Openings and Annual Meeting

Bids will be opened publicly at the Commission's Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. 

The Annual Meeting will be held at 9:00 AM on Thursday, May 28, 2019, in the St. George County Council Chambers located at 201 Johnston Street.