High Mileage Appeal

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The high mileage chart is determined by the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

Taxpayers may appeal the appraised value of a vehicle for high mileage if the vehicle averages over 15,000 miles, annually, based on the age of the vehicle (total miles divided by age of vehicle). Note: The mileage is not automatically adjusted every year.

When Can an Appeal be Made?

Appeals cannot be made until after the taxpayer has received the vehicle tax bill from the Dorchester County Treasurer's Office.

Appeals must be made before the end of the month that taxes are due on the vehicle.

How to Appeal

Residents may appeal in person at the Auditor's Office, by returning the appeal form via fax, or via the online form.

Note: The Auditor's office may also require a sight verification of the vehicle odometer reading.

Should a request be denied, the taxpayer will be notified by email or by a letter sent via the US Postal Service.

If you do not receive an amended tax bill, via email, within two business days, after this form has been submitted, please contact the Auditor's Office at (843) 832-0118 and/or (843) 563-0118.