The Public Works Department oversee the engineering and maintenance of Dorchester County’s roads and drainage, provides recycling to all Dorchester County residents through the use of the County’s Convenience Sites, and ensures that all waste generated in Dorchester County is disposed of in accordance with state and federal law.

The Public Works Department is staffed by 73 full-time and 38 part-time staff members. Mr. Jason Carraher, PE has led the Public Works Department since 2014.


The primary responsibilities of the Engineering Division is the implementation of the County Capital Projects that include roadway improvements, stormwater improvements, and engineering and construction oversight for new facilities.

Solid Waste & Recycling

The Solid Waste Division is responsible for maintaining the County Convenience Sites, and to ensure that all solid waste generated in Dorchester County, is disposed of in accordance with State and Federal Laws.


The Operations Division maintains and repair roads and drainage systems which have been accepted into the Dorchester County road maintenance system.

Illegal Dumping

The Solid Waste Environmental Services Officers are responsible for conducting investigations involving illegal dumping of any solid waste or other non-hazardous material on public and private property.