Easements reserved for private and public use that are not parallel to the street right-of-way, including but not limited to drainage easements, shall remain free of all encumbrances that may adversely affect the function for which the easement is intended or inhibit access, which may be required for maintenance or otherwise, to the facility for which the easement was created. Improvements prohibited from locating in easements include but are not limited to driveways and fences.

Any activity or improvement proposed for location in an easement that does not affect the easement as outlined above, shall require an Encroachment Permit from the Dorchester County Public Works Department or utility provider to which the easement is dedicated.


For the convenience of the public encroachment permits can be submitted online.   

PDF versions of the Encroachment Permit applications can also be obtained from the Dorchester County Public Works Department and mailed, emailed, faxed, or hand delivered for review.