Under the leadership of Mr. Jim Simpson, the Operations Division of the Public Works Department maintain and repair roads which have been accepted into the Dorchester County road maintenance system.

Not all roads maintained by Dorchester County have right-of-ways. Some roads within Dorchester County have a prescriptive easement. This means that Dorchester County claims only what is maintained. It is more common on older roads, dirt roads and paved roads in the rural area of Dorchester County. Unpaved roads are graded on a continuing basis with rocking, culvert repairs, roadside vegetation control and stabilization performed as needed.

The Operations Division also maintains stormwater systems that have been accepted by the County and has a dedicated easement or right of way. The maintenance of drainage structures is limited to the work necessary to ensure the proper flow of water, within the structure. This work includes repairs to damaged pipes and the removal of sedimentation and vegetation which blocks or slows the proper flow of water within a structure, as determined by the Director of Public Works. The cutting of vegetation and removal of foreign material from drainage structures for aesthetic purposes is the responsibility of the adjacent landowners. This maintenance effort is applied to all drainage structures that are a part of the overall drainage plan of all subdivision.