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Public Works - Operations Division (843) 832-0070

Work orders may be placed by, email or by calling during regular office hours. Work orders are prepared and issued to the Operations Manager for inspection and evaluation to determine the need and extent of the work being requested. Workloads and resources are reviewed and prioritized to create a flowing work schedule.

Storm Drainage System Repair

The issues of aging or inadequate public storm drain systems, flooding and water quality need to be addressed. With the adoption of a proactive program, we are working to keep the public drainage systems operational by reducing flooding while protecting our natural environment. 

Repairs to public drainage systems are made based on safety, area affected, access to the area, and scope of the damage within the drainage easements. Repairs such as sinkholes are made by County crews as general system maintenance, however replacement of large sections of failing drainage pipe are reviewed during the project selection phase. Ditch bank erosion is not considered top priority unless damage to structures outside of drainage easements is forthcoming. 

Pipe and Street Inlet Cleaning

Stormwater Crews inspect street drainage systems based upon calls from residents for dumping and debris that could cause blockages and flooding. Residents are encouraged to report dumping and debris in drainage systems, and you are able to report these anonymously if needed. Cleanings will be scheduled by the degree of debris or blockage – flooding areas will receive priority over trash issues. 

Sinkhole Repair

Sinkholes are often caused by damage or separation of drainage pipes. Residents should report sinkholes to the Public Works Department for inspection and repair. Some sinkholes are caused by damaged water and sewer lines, which will be reported to the appropriate authority. Note: Repairs are prioritized by location and size.

Problems that Do Not Qualify for Repairs

Note: The Public Works Department recommend consulting a professional contractor for the below concerns:

  • Underground springs
  • Leaking basements and wet crawl spaces 
  • Low spots between homes or property where water stands 
  • Broken or leaking gutters & downspouts or lack of adequate roof drains 
  • Poor soil conditions or lot grading problems 
  • Problems associated with poor or improper activities within private drainage systems 
  • Drainage swale maintenance 
  • Private drainage system maintenance