The Register of Deeds Office (ROD) records land records. This includes collecting filing and document recording fees; producing accurate and timely reports and hard copies of land records for use by other county departments, the South Carolina Archives, and the public; maintaining the Document Imaging System; and assisting in the researching of land records both electronically and manually. 

The ROD office provides the below services:

Recording of Land Records:

The ROD records deeds, mortgages, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), State Tax Liens, plats, and other documents according to the South Carolina Code of Laws and records Federal Tax Liens according to Federal guidelines. These records are recorded in order to provide an archive of all documents pertaining to land transfers in Dorchester County.

Reports and Hard Copies:

The ROD produces accurate, timely reports and hard copies of land records including deeds and plats used by the Assessor, Auditor, Tax Collector, and Probate Judge to determine ownership for taxation or probate matters. Additionally, plats are approved by Planning and Codes, and utilized by GIS for mapping. Microfilm copies of land records are sent to the South Carolina Archives as required by law.

Document Imaging:

The ROD maintains a document imaging system for scanning and indexing land records, producing electronic reports, electronic retrieval and duplication of documents, as well as burning a CD that is sent to a vendor to produce microfilm to meet requirements of South Carolina Archives.

Records Access Assistance:

The ROD assists the public and other departments in accessing land records using the document imaging system or by using the hard copies of these documents. This office provides a land archive library for research of any document recorded in Dorchester County ROD office to anyone wishing to search the records.