About Dorchester County Water & Sewer

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A referendum (passed in 1981 ) authorizes the County to provide water and sewer services.

Water service is provided in portions of the County by:

  • Dorchester County Water & Sewer
  • Summerville Commissioners of Public Works
  • Charleston Water Systems
  • Town of Ridgeville
  • Town of Harleyville,
  • Town of St. George
  • Dorchester Water Authority
  • Special Purpose District

Of the total area of the County of 575 square miles, the Department’s designated service area includes 359 square miles, of which 14 square miles is presently being served.

The Department provides sewer service to residential, commercial and industrial users in portions of the County through a system of pump stations and transmission lines and two Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP).

Division Scope of Service

Customer Service

Provides assistance with the starting and ending of service, billing, payments, adjustments, water breaks and sewer backups and provide information for work order completion to other divisions within the Water and Sewer Department.

New Construction

The new construction division is responsible for the construction and repair of the water distribution lines and the sewer collection system. 

Pump Station

The Pump Station division is responsible for operating, maintaining the County's 121 pump stations.

Valve Maintenance

The valve maintenace team is responsible for locating, operating and maintaining the water distribution system valves and fire hydrant maintenance and flushing.

Upper Treatment Plant

The Upper Treatment Plant division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the St. George Plant. This includes taking daily samples to ensure the water leaving the plant (effluent flow) is of the highest quailty.

Water Division

The Water Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 8 water wells and towers and all the county fire hydrants.

Meter Readers and Work Order

The water meters are responsible for monthly readings of water meters in and the replacement of broken water meter registers, meter boxes, lids, etc. 


The Engineering is responsible for the review/approval of all water and sewer construction plans/drawings, manhole, sewer tap, main line and smoke testing inspections, surveying, 811 utility locates, GIS, pretreatment, FOG program, new service requests and construction projects.