Water Service

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Dorchester County Water & Sewer serves 8,800 active water customers. 

The water service area covers approximately 14 square miles. The system consists of approximately 105 miles of water main distribution line, approximately 450 fire hydrants, and approximately 1,200 system valves.

Request Service 

Prior to requesting service from Dorchester County Water & Sewer (DCWS) please use our interactive map to ensure the address is located in our service area.

If the address is in the DCWS service area please complete the Start Service form. 

Note: A non-refundable origination fee will be due at the time of application. The fee is $25 for residential service and $100 for commercial service.

To avoid a delay in service, please make sure the application has been submitted/received by the Water & Sewer Department at least one (1) business day prior to the desired service start date.

Additional Service Providers

There are six (6) additional water service providers in Dorchester County:

  • Summerville Commissioners of Public Works
  • Charleston Water Systems
  • Town of Ridgeville
  • Town of Harleyville
  • Town of St. George
  • Dorchester Water Authority