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Codes Violation

The below codes violations should be reported to the Community Services Department.

Litter and/or Illegal Dumping

Reports of uncovered loads, littering and/or illegal dumping should be made to the Solid Waste Environmental Services Department. 

Legal Residence Exemption

Legal Residence Exemption should only be claimed on the property the owner lives in and occupies. This exemption may only be claimed on one residence. If you know of a property that is vacant or is being rented, please complete the anonymous report form that will go directly to the Assessor's Office.

Report a fraudulent Legal Residence Exemption.

Out of State Vehicle Tag

Anyone who meets any of the below criteria, must register their vehicle in South Carolina:

  • Has children enrolled in a public school district
  • Established residency in the state
  • Works full-time in the state and does not maintain another residence in another state
  • Has been driving a vehicle owned by another person for an accumulated period of 150 days (Absentee Owner)
  • Is permanently employed in this state

Note: The Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing Ordinance does not apply to Active Duty Military. New South Carolina residents have 45 days to transfer their vehicle registration to this state.

Make an anonymous report of an Out of State Vehicle Tag.