Established in 1897, Dorchester County was formed from land previously located in Colleton County. The name “Dorchester” was indirectly derived from Dorchester, England by way of Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Dorchester County boasts award winning school districts and one of the longest free flowing black water rivers in North America. Dorchester County’s natural beauty and unwavering sense of community is what makes it the best county in South Carolina to build a business and raise a family.

Dorchester County is home to the:

  • City of North Charleston
  • Town of Summerville
  • Town of Ridgeville
  • Town of St. George (County Seat)
  • Town of Harleyville
  • Town of Reevesville
  • Town of Lincolnville
  • Communities of Dorchester and Ladson

Form of Government

Dorchester County operates under a Council-Administrator form of government and has over 800 full-time employees. A seven-member County Council is elected by district and provides policy direction to the County.

The County Administrator serves as County Council's agent in administrative matters. This position has oversight over all County government operations with the exceptions of departments governed by elected officials and special districts.

Mr. Jason L. Ward has served as the County Administrator since 2004. He is assisted by Charles H. Potts, Deputy County Administrator and Daniel T. Prentice, Chief Financial Officer.

Members of County Council

District 1: Mr. Willie Davis

District 2: Mr. David Chinnis

District 3: Mr. George Bailey (Vice Chairman)

District 4: Mr. Larry Hargett

District 5: Mr. Con Chellis

District 6: William (Bill) Hearn Jr.  

District 7: Jay Byars (Chairman)