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Dorchester County Transportation Authority

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Dorchester County Council adopted Ordinance #05-03 on January 10, 2005, creating the Dorchester County Sales Tax Transportation Authority (DCTA), also known as the One-Cent or Penny Sales Tax Transportation Authority.

Each member of County Council has one appointment to the Board, subject to the approval of a majority vote by Council. There is no requirement that an appointee be a resident of the Council District of the Council member making the appointment. The term of the DCTA office is coterminous with the term of the Council member making the appointment.

Led by Chairman Mike Murphree, the DCTA meets at 7:00 PM on the second Monday of each month.  Meetings are held in the Summerville County Council Chambers located at 500 N. Main Street (use the Cedar St. entrance).


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Appointed By

Term Expires

Ralph James

Councilman Davis


Will Limehouse

Councilman Chinnis


Marshall Murdaugh

Councilman Bailey


Ron Brantley

Councilman Hargett


Mike Murphree. Chairman

Councilman Chellis


Roy Strickland

Councilman Hearn


Stephen Grant, PE

Councilman Byars