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The oak leaf design is focused on the activities and naturescapes of Dorchester County. Canoeing (or kayaking) was used because of the rivers and because it helped identify both the land and water aspects of the County. This is an active lifestyle brand, so a personal connection and introducing some energy and life to the logo was important. The typography is a friendly-feeling sans serif face that has a modern flare, yet is classic enough to have a long shelf life.

There are several different features/symbols in the logo that, together help to paint a picture of Dorchester County as a whole. The soaring bird in the upper portion of the logo is symbolic of the world renowned Beidler Forest Audubon Center & Sanctuary, the water on the bottom is a significant feature as the County has both the Ashley and Edisto Rivers, but also Four Holes Swamp and Polk Swamp. Collectively, the design represents a more personal connection to the community (we’re not as stuffy as our neighboring counties) and the emphasis is on “Dorchester” while downplaying “county” in order to increase name recognition.

Use & Standards

Any/all uses of the Dorchester County logo must be approved by the Public Information Office.

All proofs must also be approved by the Public Information Office to ensure compliance with the Dorchester County Logo Graphic Standards.