County Seal

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County Seal The County Seal was designed by local architect, John G.   Dumas.

 The primary focus of this seal is the old bell tower of St.   George’s Anglican Church located at the site  of colonial   Dorchester. This is the last remaining archeological and   architectural feature of the important colonial town of   Dorchester. The bell tower represents the heritage of   Dorchester County going back to the town of Dorchester;   its link to Dorchester, Massachusetts; and, ultimately, our   historical link to Dorchester, England.


The live oaks symbolize the richness of the old forests of this land and the longevity of this tree relates to the heritage of this place. The circle of leaves symbolize magnolia leaves and link together like the hands of all the citizens of our county, linked together for a common purpose. The proposed motto, “SERVICE JUSTICE PROSPERITY” represents the goals of county government. 1897 is the founding year for the county.