Budgets & Financial Statements

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The below information has been provided for the convenience of the public.

Employee Salary Data

For questions regarding Employee Salary Data, please contact Human Resources.

Employee Salary Data (PDF)

Budgets, Revenue Manuals and Audits

    2017   2016   2015
 Budget  FY 2017-2018  FY 2016-2017  FY 2015-2016
 Revenue Manual  2017 Manual  2016 Manual  2015 Manual
 Audit  2017 CAFR   2016 Audit  2015 Audit

For questions regarding the current or past Budgets and/or Revenue Manuals please, contact the Budget & Revenue Manager.

For questions regarding the annual audit, please contact Financial Services.

Accounts Payable Statements

The Financial Services Division processes all of Dorchester County's accounts payables,non-purchase orders such as utility bills, telephone bills, travel, conferences, memberships, employee reimbursements, attorneys, payroll benefits, etc. These are received on a daily basis and checks are disbursed weekly.

   2018    2017
 January  January 2018 (PDF)  January 2017 (PDF)
 February  February 2018 (PDF)  February 2017 (PDF)
 March    March 2017 (PDF)
 April    April 2017 (PDF)
 May    May 2017 (PDF)
 June    June 2017 (PDF)
 July    July 2017 (PDF)
 August    August 2017 (PDF)
 September    September 2017 (PDF)
 October    October 2017 (PDF)
 November    November 2017 (PDF)
 December    December 2017 (PDF)