Flying J Intersection Improvements

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The Flying J Intersection Improvement project was identified and planned by Dorchester County to improve safety at the intersection of US Highway 78 (Jim Bilton Blvd.) and Doyle Road, near the I-95 interchange, in St. George.   


In order to improve safety and provide access for future Economic Development sites the following improvements are being made:

Improve pedestrian connectivity with sidewalks and improved pavement markings;

Improve grassed shoulders for safety and emergency access; drainage improvements will include replacement of existing pipe culverts and driveway pipes, and construction of ditches;

Construct a new access road on the North side of US Hwy 78 that includes a dedicated left turn lane and a shared thru/right lane.

Once the construction is complete, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) will install traffic signals.


In order to fund this project, Dorchester County successfully obtained $35,000 from the Town of St. George Hospitality Tax funds and $260,000 from the Dorchester County Transportation Committee (CTC).

The SCDOT will fund and oversee the installation of the four-way traffic signals.