Transportation Impact Fees

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At the February 20, 2018 County Council meeting, Dorchester County Council gave third and final reading to ordinance 18-02- repealing Dorchester County Ordinances 10-23 (An Ordinance to Adopt a Capital Improvements Plan for roads, streets and bridges) and authorizing staff to refund monies collected between July 1, 2017 to February 20, 2018.

Note: At the regularly scheduled County Council meeting on September 5, 2017, Dorchester County Council authorized a refund of Transportation Impact Fees paid between the first date of collection and June 30, 2017. 

Ordinance Regarding Refunds

Dorchester County Ordinance Number 10-24 Article XV, Section 15.1 states the following with regards to refunds: 

"Funds not obligated for expenditure within three (3) years of the date that they are scheduled to be expended in the Dorchester County Capital Improvement Plan shall be refunded to the record owner of property for which the impact fees were paid, with actual interest earned, on a first-in, first-out basis. For the purpose of determining whether fees have been spent or encumbered, the first money placed in a trust fund account shall be deemed to the first money taken out of that account when withdrawals have been made.”

Property Owners that will receive a refund, inclusive of actual interest earned, will be notified in writing by Dorchester County via the US Postal Service.

Properties Receiving Refunds

To inquire if a specific property will receive a refund, type the property address in the map below. If the address appears in green, the property owner has already received a refund. If the property appears in red, the current property owner of that address will receive a refund.

If the property does not appear in red or green, the property owner will not receive a refund.