CTC Resurfacing Projects

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Dorchester County Council adopted Ordinance 98-15 on August 17, 1998, creating the Dorchester County Transportation Committee (CTC). The Committee is composed of seven members, appointed by a majority vote of County Council, with one member from each of the seven Council Districts. The term of each Committee member coincides with the term of the Council member from the District they represent.

Led by Chairman Web Charpia, the CTC meets at 6:00 PM on the second Tuesday of each month. The meeting locations alternate between the below locations:

  • Summerville County Council Chambers, 500 N. Main Street (Cedar St. entrance)
  • Dorchester County Public Works Office, 2120 E. Main Street, Dorchester, SC.

The CTC is staffed by Sandra Kizer with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT). All questions and/or agenda, minutes and public records request should be sent to Ms. Kizer at KizerSA@SCDOT.ORG and/or (843) 740-1667.




Reginald Cusack

District #1


Keith Thompson, Jr.

District #2


Samuel Stephens, Sr., Vice Chairman

District #3


Don Ruff

District #4


Randall (Webb) Charpia, Chairman

District #5


Robert S. Randall

District #6


 Matthew Coakley

District #7


Roads Resurfaced by the direction of the CTC

Dorchester County Roads Resurfaced or Patched in 2017

Compton Crossing - Summerville
Scalybark Court- Summerville
Spring Brook Court - Summerville
Riverwood Lane - Summerville
Wexton Court - Summerville
Dootsie Court - Summerville
Poplar Circle - Summerville
Lewisfield Court - Summerville
Oak Lane - Summerville
Sweet Gum -Summerville
Drifters Way - Summerville
Sumters Run - North Charleston
Planters Knoll - North Charleston
Carmelton Drive - Summerville
Storey Road - Summerville
Lisa Drive - Summerville
Hodge Road - Summerville
Deming Way - Summerville
Beaverton Court - Summerville
Arrowridge Court - Summerville
Susan Drive - Summerville
Trinity Drive - Summerville
Spring Farm Place - Summerville
Sumners Alley - Summerville
Maple Drive - Summerville
Sage Lane - Summerville
McCandy Lane - Summerville
Park Forest Parkway - North Charleston
Thornhill Drive - Summerville
Ariel Court - Summerville
Pike Drive - Summerville
Larson Road - Summerville
Short Street - Summerville
Dove Lane - Summerville

Town of Summerville Roads Resurfaced in 2017

Swift Court - Twin Oaks
Ruston Place - Crichton Parish
Hutson Drive - Corey Woods
Cromwell Court - Newington
Sawtooth Lane and Jigsaw Road - Gahagan
Wainwright Manor - Brandymill
Fripp Lane - Palmetto Park
Shenandoah Court - Irongate
Pressley Avenue - Downtown
Wassamassaw Road - Robynwyn
Country Club Blvd. and Country Club Road - Miler Country Club
Tea Farm Road - Tea Farm
Graham Lane - Downtown

Honeysuckle Lake Drive - North Charleston
Tyvola Drive - Summerville
Hill Branch Road - Ridgeville
Ella Drive - Summerville
Cooper Drive - Summerville
Legend Oaks Way - Summerville
George Keen Drive - Summerville
Candy Drive - Summerville
Schoonover - Summerville
Sedgewick Road - Summerville
Tanglewood - North Charleston
Lionel Court - Summerville
Lionel Lane - Summerville
Rolling Meadows Drive - Summerville