Ridgeville Road (SC-27)

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The Ridgeville Road (SC 27 N) widening and improvements project will consist of widening 0.94 miles of Ridgeville Road (SC 27 N) from two lanes to three lanes.

The project extends from US Highway 78, near the intersection of Kiser Lane to the Exit 187 interchange of I-26.

In order to improve safety and traffic flow along this corridor, the following improvements are being made:

Construct one 12โ€™ through travel lane in each direction; construct a 15โ€™ (typ.) center median between the travel lanes to accommodate turning traffic;

Construct 8โ€™ wide grassed shoulders for safety and emergency access; drainage improvements will include replacement of existing pipe culverts and driveway pipes, and construction of ditches;

Existing storm drainage culverts will be extended approximately 10 feet in order to accommodate the widened roadway.

The Contractor will deploy work zone traffic control practices in order to provide for safe maintenance of traffic throughout the project and utilization of sediment and erosion control measures in accordance with the permits secured for this project.

Questions in regard to this project should be sent to Brad Sanderson with Thomas & Hutton.

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Project Update

Sunday, October 1, 2017 - Right-of-Way acquisitions are on going.