SCDOT Projects

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On Thursday, July 20, 2017, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Commission approved 4.83 miles of Non-Federal Aid roads to be resurfaced, in Dorchester County. Below is a list detailing each resurfacing project.

The non-federal aid system includes 41,000 lane miles. The FY 2018 program includes 671 lane miles on 525 routes. Funding is allocated to each County based on the percentage of lane miles in fair/poor condition for that County, compared to the total lanes in fair/poor condition statewide.

FY 2018 Resurfacing Projects

E. 1st North Street and W. 1st North Street (Summerville) - .97 miles

W. 3rd South Street and E. 3rd South Street (Summerville) - .4 miles

E. 4th North Street and W. 4th North Street (Summerville) - .93 miles

W. 1st North Street (Summerville) - .59 miles

E. 2nd North Street and W. 2nd North Street (Summerville) - .94 miles

Magnolia St. from W. Richardson Ave. to E. 9th North St. (Summerville) - 1 mile