Dorchester County operates a Mosquito Control Program to protect its citizens from the spread of mosquito-borne diseases by spraying pesticides (insecticides), applying larvicide to low-lying areas, and educating its citizens on reducing the conditions that foster increases in the mosquito population.

Mosquitoes are a pest that can cause itchy bites, but they can also cause more serious health issues like spreading diseases. The most common diseases that could potentially be carried by mosquitoes in South Carolina include: West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, La Crosse Encephalitis, Saint Louis Encephalitis, and dog/cat heartworms.

Ground Control 

Note: The below products are approved by the EPA and labels are strictly followed


Dorchester County responds to mosquito complaints in low lying areas, with treatment during the day, using a larvicide chemical to help prevent hatching.

Products used for larvae control are:


Dorchester County treats adult mosquitoes that have matured and are flying with ground spraying.

Products used for ground spraying: