Impact and Connection Fees

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The Dorchester County Water & Sewer Department imposes a connection fee and an impact fee on each residential or commercial unit. The connection fees are based on the size of the sewer tap or the size of the water meter. The impact fees are based on Equivalent Residential Units (ERU).

In most cases the developer of a property pays the impact fees directly to our Engineering division when a phase is submitted. In other areas the individual pays the impact fees once the service is requested and approved by County Council. This is the case when the Department installs water and/or sewer lines in an area that is already developed.

If paying the fees to the Engineering division, the fees have to be paid in full at their specified time. If the fees are being paid to the Billing division, the Department offers a finance agreement. The property owners would come into the office and agree to pay the fees in a certain number of months. We can finance up to 60 months. This service is interest free but you will have to pay an additional $45 plus the applicable origination fees per service in order to start the finance agreement. A listing of the fees is below.

 Sewer Impact Fees $2,600.00 per ERU 

 Sewer Connection Fees
 4" Tap $1,145.00 
 Over 4"  Tap $3,435.00 for up to 24  units plus $100.00 per unit thereafter 

 Water Impact Fees  $690.00 per ERU

 Water Connection Fees
 3/4" meter  $800.00
 1" meter  $1,200.00
1 1/2" meter $3,000.00
2" meter $4,000.00
3" meter $8,000.00
4" meter $14,000.00
6" meter $16,000.00
8" meter $20,000.00
10" meter $28,000.00
12" meter $34,000.00